orange blossom honey

Orange Lime Spritzer

by Tim

Kitchen Notes This is a perfect thirst-quencher to serve during the summer and spring months. The orange blossom honey adds a hint of orange fragrance that mixes subtly with the lime juice; creating a sweet beverage that your friends will not believe is healthy for them. Orange Lime Spritzer¬© Servings: 4 servings Active time: 5 […]

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Honey Dijon Chicken

Thumbnail image for Honey Dijon Chicken by Julie

Kitchen Notes Here’s a new recipe to crow about! (Bu bumb chaaa!!!)¬† Honey and mustard are a tried and true combination for a great reason: they’re delicious together.¬† This dynamic duo puts on great party, and you and your baked chicken are invited. While the original version of this recipe is for honey-glazed chicken wings, […]

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Honey Butter Recipe

Thumbnail image for Honey Butter Recipe by Tim

Kitchen Notes My taste buds have a soft spot for homemade biscuits, and while I’ve pretty much sworn off biscuits and gravy, I won’t shy away from butter. This recipe has all my favorite baking ingredients and just reading it made my mouth water. After whipping up some biscuits and mixing together the honey butter […]

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Honey Drop Martini

Thumbnail image for Honey Drop Martini by Tim

Kitchen Notes When most people think of raw honey they think of using it with bread, tea, or straight from the jar. In our experience we like to use it uniquely to wow and impress our guests. Our recipe today is a Honey Drop Martini. This recipe tastes very similar to a lemon drop martini, […]

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