About Us

Honey Pacifica began with a hive and a dream.  A family-run company since the beginning, owner Nick Poto founded Honey Pacifica when a friend offered him a swarm of bees.  With two young sons at home, John and Frank, the obvious next step was to place a hive in the family’s backyard for a fun experiment.  Twenty-five years later, Nick, John and Frank still can’t get enough of their bees and have continued to deliver the highest quality raw honey available.

While Honey Pacifica honey needs no help to make it delicious (jar plus spoon equals amazing), we often get requests for recipes and creative ways to incorporate honey into meals.  Our recipe blog strives to offer the very best that our costumers, featured chefs, and the internet has to offer.  Have a great honey recipe?  Send it our way!  We’d love to try it ourselves and share the tasty treat with fellow honey-lovers. If you’d like a behind the scenes look at being beekeeper at Honey Pacifica watch the video below.

Tim’s favorite meals include simple ingredients with classic tastes, which is why honey has such a firm hold on his heart.  When Tim isn’t hanging out with his honey bee friends, you can find him camping, playing volleyball, and cooking lasagna and other family favorites.  Tim is also Honey Pacifica’a resident beer brewer, and is on a mission to use all of HP’s honey varieties in his upcoming brews.

A long-time So. Cal resident, Julie’s sweet-tooth prompted her long ago to explore the wonderfulness of honey.  Her meal preferences include fresh, minimally processed food using as few ingredients as possible (although she points out this is mostly because she’s hungry and wants to cook quickly and eat soon).  When not eating her weight in Creamy Wildflower Honey, Julie can be found rollerskating, sewing, and teaching herself to speak Spanish.

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