Granola with Honey and Peanut Butter

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Kitchen Notes Making homemade granola is fun and easy, and by using a little creativity your granola can be as wild or tame as your diet and taste buds desire. I realize that “homemade” can be a scary word – many of us imagine piles of dishes, smoke coming out of the oven and pizza […]

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Cinnamon Honey Pancakes

Honey Pancakes by Julie

Kitchen Notes Honey pancakes to start the day? Yes, please! These pancakes not only have that wonderful honey goodness cooked right into them, but the texture and cinnamon flavor otherwise are outstanding. Make these just once, and you’ll wonder why you’ve bothered with that unworthy pre-made mix all these years. Cinnamon Honey Pancakes Servings: 8 […]

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Honey Cake

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Kitchen Notes I’m going to guess that you scanned the (very) long list of ingredients below and thought something along the lines of, “Sounds good…but probably not going to happen.” I know, because that’s exactly what I did. I’m a 5-6 ingredients per recipe kind of girl, so when you give me one with a […]

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8 Creative Uses for Honey Jars

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We honey lovers have a problem, and that problem comes in the form of dozens of empty honey jars. I’ve grown to find these jars extremely useful and this week I’d like to share some of those uses with you. I’ve been collecting ideas over the last few months and while I’m sure this list […]

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Honey Iced Tea

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Kitchen Notes This recipe is solar powered: from the delicate field-grown tea leaves to the bees’ honey flowers and, finally, the almighty tea-brewing power of the sun. Although we are now full swing into spring we are still getting some last minute showers, which will really help our Southern California Wildflowers- making 2012 a great […]

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Honey Oatmeal Protein Bars

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Kitchen Notes We’re all busy people in need of a solid snack – preferably one that will give a boost of energy, is filling, has a great taste and is made with honey! Not only are these protein bars good for you, they are also easy to make and quite a bit more affordable than […]

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Honey Walnut Shrimp

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Kitchen Notes Is anyone surprised that my favorite Chinese food has honey in it? I realize that Orange Chicken rules as America’s favorite, but the sweet, crunchy, delectable taste of Honey Walnut Shrimp wins my heart every time and cannot be ignored. This recipe has all the potential to be just as good as or […]

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