Honey Beverage

Honey is already liquid gold, but adding a few additional ingredients can really liven up a drink. These beverage recipes have all been tested and approved by honey lovers and we of course used Honey Pacifica’s best tasting raw honeys. Try one today for a cool refreshing honey drink.

Honey Drop Martini

Thumbnail image for Honey Drop Martini by Tim

Kitchen Notes When most people think of raw honey they think of using it with bread, tea, or straight from the jar. In our experience we like to use it uniquely to wow and impress our guests. Our recipe today is a Honey Drop Martini. This recipe tastes very similar to a lemon drop martini, […]

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Sage Honey Beer

Sage Honey Beer by Tim

Kitchen Notes Our ancestors began consuming beer nearly 4,000 years ago.  It is the first known alcoholic beverage, and whispers about the art of beer brewing lurk in many ancient texts, drawings and prayers.  Honey and beer have shared a long life together in beverages known as mead or honey beer.  Honey beer was such […]

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