December 2011

Honey Graham Crackers

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Kitchen Notes When you really get to thinking about graham crackers, you start to realize the pivotal role they play in childhood memories.  Graham crackers are a cornerstone of afterschool snacks, a mom-approved, cookie-alternative for pre-dinner nibbling, and the foundation for a great s’more assembled over a crackling campfire.  Light, crunchy, and satisfying, graham crackers […]

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Honey and Black Pepper Steak

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Kitchen Notes When hunting for amazing honey recipes we look for ones that are sure to be a slam-dunk, five-star review.   This recipe was an exception for me, as I wasn’t sure at all it was going to please my pallet and very nearly didn’t give it the green light.  I’m so glad I gave […]

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Buckwheat Honey Sundae Sauce

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Kitchen Notes You probably know that Honey Pacifica and its bees are located in California, oftentimes called “The Land of Milk and Honey”, and “The Golden State”. Both of these monikers are very accurate, as California is certainly a place of opportunity and abundance, as well as sunshine. And by sunshine, I mean SUNSHINE – […]

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Honey French Toast

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Kitchen Notes Fair warning: this Honey French Toast is decadent…and so worth it. We made this recipe, created by the master chef himself, Alton Brown, using Honey Pacifica’s Cold Packed Creamy Wildflower Honey. While words could never do justice for this unbelievably good french toast, some utterances thrown around the breakfast table were “oohh man”, […]

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