Creamy Wildflower Honey Oatmeal Bars


Kitchen Notes
Honey Oatmeal Bars made with Cold Packed Creamy Wildflower Honey are not only addictively delicious, but are incredibly easy to make.  Using only three ingredients (just three!) that you already have at home, you can make an energy-packed, easy to transport snack that fits right at home in your lunch box or briefcase.


  • 1 cup peanut butter (crunchy works very well with the recipe)
  • 1 cup Honey Pacifica Cold Packed Creamy Wildflower Honey
  • 3 cups dry, uncooked old-fashioned oatmeal


  1. Combine Creamy Wildflower Honey and peanut butter in a large pot and warm over low heat, mixing until runny.
  2. Mix in the oatmeal (and protein powder if using).
  3. Mix the three ingredients until well combined.
  4. Press into a 9×9-inch pan.
  5. Once cool, cut into desired amount of bars.
  6. Bars can be covered with foil and kept in the pan , or individually wrapped in foil for an on-the-go snack.  No need to refrigerate as the ingredients are natural.

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