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Honey Cream & Berries Oatmeal

Oatmeal with Honey and Berries by Tim

Kitchen Notes Wake-up your sweetie with this simple, yet satisfying breakfast that brings a little extra love to the day! So easy to make, this creamy nutritious oatmeal is nestled in a bowl of warm honey-sweetened milk and is topped with sweet summer berries and a sprinkling of crispy walnuts! Such a sweet way to […]

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Lemon Snowball Cookie Bites

Lemon Snowball Cookies by Tim

This recipe comes from our good friend Kelly at the Nourishing Home. Kelly creates amazing, healthy, tasty recipes and meal plans with gluten free and raw options. She uses honey in many recipes and we’re always excited to see what she comes up with next. Take it away Kelly. Kitchen Notes These delightful little raw […]

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Cinnamon Honey Pancakes

Honey Pancakes by Julie

Kitchen Notes Honey pancakes to start the day? Yes, please! These pancakes not only have that wonderful honey goodness cooked right into them, but the texture and cinnamon flavor otherwise are outstanding. Make these just once, and you’ll wonder why you’ve bothered with that unworthy pre-made mix all these years. Cinnamon Honey Pancakes Servings: 8 […]

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Honey Oatmeal Protein Bars

Thumbnail image for Honey Oatmeal Protein Bars by Tim

Kitchen Notes We’re all busy people in need of a solid snack – preferably one that will give a boost of energy, is filling, has a great taste and is made with honey! Not only are these protein bars good for you, they are also easy to make and quite a bit more affordable than […]

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Creamy Wildflower Honey Oatmeal Bars

Honey Oatmeal Bars with milk by Julie

Kitchen Notes Honey Oatmeal Bars made with Cold Packed Creamy Wildflower Honey are not only addictively delicious, but are incredibly easy to make.  Using only three ingredients (just three!) that you already have at home, you can make an energy-packed, easy to transport snack that fits right at home in your lunch box or briefcase. […]

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