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Raw Caramel Apples with Honey

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Kitchen Notes Honey Pacifica Buckwheat Honey has that characteristic caramel flavor that reminded me of carnivals I used to attend as a kid growing up in Texas. The first time I tasted this honey, it brought me back to those times of clowns and the soda bottle ring toss (impossible to do) and I knew […]

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Special Interview with Chef Jaime Gwen

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Our own John Poto who is a second generation beekeeper and the manager at Honey Pacifica was on the Food & Wine with Chef Jamie Gwen radio show on Sunday August 12, 2012. The interview covers topics like the benefits of local raw honey, how our flavored honey is made, how we help the bees […]

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Honey, Corn and Quinoa Muffins

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Kitchen Notes If you’re looking for the perfect sidekick to your winter-time soup, chili, or to pair with the summer-time bbq that is just around the corner, look no further than these yummy corn and quinoa muffins. We used honey as our sweetner (obviously!) and really enjoyed the combination of flavors – especially when topped […]

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Honey Roasted Cashews

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Kitchen Notes I’ll come running anytime honey is served as a snack and what better way to enjoy it than by making our own honey covered cashews. This snack is quick, easy, has simple ingredients, and everyone in the family will love it. Cashews are also a lower fat nut, containing much less fat than […]

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Honey Sesame-Ginger Pasta With Shrimp and Scallops

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Kitchen Notes One of our taste testers said it best when describing this meal: if he were at a buffet he would have sampled the dish, but wouldn’t go back for seconds.  Yes, you read that correctly.  It’s not that the meal was bad, in fact, there were many things we liked about it: the […]

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Buckwheat Honey Beer

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Kitchen Notes I tried my hand at brewing honey beer a few months ago with the sweet and light Sage Honey, which brewed into a delightful batch of Sage Honey Bee Ale. While this was a hit, my taste testers started to ask what other varieties of honey would taste like brewed in a similar manner. […]

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Honey and Black Pepper Steak

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Kitchen Notes When hunting for amazing honey recipes we look for ones that are sure to be a slam-dunk, five-star review.   This recipe was an exception for me, as I wasn’t sure at all it was going to please my pallet and very nearly didn’t give it the green light.  I’m so glad I gave […]

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