Mango Honey Bee Ale

Thumbnail image for Mango Honey Bee Ale by Tim

Kitchen Notes Honey and beer go together extremely well – so well that this is our third honey beer this year. We’ve learned a little something from each batch and continue to work on making them tastier each time. For this beer we decided to take things tropical and use our Flavored Mango Honey. Flavored […]

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Buckwheat Honey Beer

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Kitchen Notes I tried my hand at brewing honey beer a few months ago with the sweet and light Sage Honey, which brewed into a delightful batch of Sage Honey Bee Ale. While this was a hit, my taste testers started to ask what other varieties of honey would taste like brewed in a similar manner. […]

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Sage Honey Beer

Sage Honey Beer by Tim

Kitchen Notes Our ancestors began consuming beer nearly 4,000 years ago.  It is the first known alcoholic beverage, and whispers about the art of beer brewing lurk in many ancient texts, drawings and prayers.  Honey and beer have shared a long life together in beverages known as mead or honey beer.  Honey beer was such […]

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