Creamy Wildflower Honey Oatmeal


Kitchen NotesWildflower Honey Oatmeal with almonds, raisins and coffee to drink.
Creamy Wildflower Honey Oatmeal is an easy, healthy breakfast, and will keep your taste buds and stomach feeling satisfied for hours on end.  The ingredients are simple, and while this recipe has suggested quantities for its wholesome ingredients, feel free to charter your own course for the amounts to use.  Chalk full of delicious goodness, it’s an early morning treat you can count on to keep your body and mind moving!


  • Oatmeal, ½ cup  (or whatever the correct amount is to stop your early morning tummy grumbles)
  • Raisins, a tablespoon
  • Sliced almonds, a tablespoon
  • Honey Pacifica Cold Packed Creamy Wildflower Honey, a tablespoon


  1. Prepare oatmeal per the directions on the container
  2. Once oatmeal is finished cooking, place in bowl
  3. Drizzle sage honey and sprinkle raisins and almonds on top
  4. Mix together
  5. Enjoy!

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