Honey Dinner

Your family will rejoice when they hear they get to eat honey for dinner! These Honey Pacifica approved recipes are simple and the whole family will be cleaning their plates and asking for more. Add a bit of sweet to your dinner tonight with the recipes below.

Honey and Black Pepper Steak

Thumbnail image for Honey and Black Pepper Steak by Tim

Kitchen Notes When hunting for amazing honey recipes we look for ones that are sure to be a slam-dunk, five-star review.   This recipe was an exception for me, as I wasn’t sure at all it was going to please my pallet and very nearly didn’t give it the green light.  I’m so glad I gave […]

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The Bee’s Knees of Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Honey Recipes

Thumbnail image for The Bee’s Knees of Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Honey Recipes by Julie

Looking to add an extra special something to your Thanksgiving meal?  Something unique, memorable, and, dare you hope, easy?  Look no further than your own kitchen shelf – or wherever it is you store your Honey Pacifica honey!  Our bees have scoured the web for the very best Thanksgiving recipes with honey, and hope you’ll […]

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Sage Honey Chicken

Honey Baked Chicken by Julie

Kitchen Notes This recipe for Sage Honey Chicken is the perfect blend of savory and sweet, mingling flavorful sage honey with the tanginess of yellow mustard.  Pair it with a side of quinoa and asparagus or your favorite go-to sides, and you’ve got a recipe for success.  This simple, healthy meal is sure to bring […]

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