Honey Dessert

Most honey lovers think eating honey with a spoon is a perfect dessert, but these recipes help prove that it can be used in so many delicious ways with some imagination! Honey is a very healthy dessert, we can’t claim that these recipes are, but please do enjoy!

Honey Bee Cookies

Thumbnail image for Honey Bee Cookies by Julie

Kitchen Notes I have a confession to make: I’m a batter eater. That’s right.  Cookie dough, cake mix, brownie mix; you name it- I most often love the raw product better than when it’s baked. While munching on our Honey Bee Cookies after they were baked (it’s correct to assume I had a spoonful of […]

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Buckwheat Honey Sundae Sauce

Thumbnail image for Buckwheat Honey Sundae Sauce by Julie

Kitchen Notes You probably know that Honey Pacifica and its bees are located in California, oftentimes called “The Land of Milk and Honey”, and “The Golden State”. Both of these monikers are very accurate, as California is certainly a place of opportunity and abundance, as well as sunshine. And by sunshine, I mean SUNSHINE – […]

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