Honey Dessert

Most honey lovers think eating honey with a spoon is a perfect dessert, but these recipes help prove that it can be used in so many delicious ways with some imagination! Honey is a very healthy dessert, we can’t claim that these recipes are, but please do enjoy!

Raspberry Whipped Cream Recipe

Raspberry Whipped Creame by Tim

Kitchen Notes Every time I taste Honey Pacifica Raspberry Honey I am blown away at how much it tastes like I am eating an actual raspberry. This is the first dessert I make for my clients to show them how decadently healthy raw honey can be. Recipe Name Servings: 6-8 servings Active time: 15 minutes […]

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Raw Caramel Apples with Honey

Thumbnail image for Raw Caramel Apples with Honey by Tim

Kitchen Notes Honey Pacifica Buckwheat Honey has that characteristic caramel flavor that reminded me of carnivals I used to attend as a kid growing up in Texas. The first time I tasted this honey, it brought me back to those times of clowns and the soda bottle ring toss (impossible to do) and I knew […]

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Lemon Snowball Cookie Bites

Lemon Snowball Cookies by Tim

This recipe comes from our good friend Kelly at the Nourishing Home. Kelly creates amazing, healthy, tasty recipes and meal plans with gluten free and raw options. She uses honey in many recipes and we’re always excited to see what she comes up with next. Take it away Kelly. Kitchen Notes These delightful little raw […]

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Raw Vanilla Ice Cream

Thumbnail image for Raw Vanilla Ice Cream by Tim

This is another raw honey recipe from our special guest Chef of the People Nathan Donahoe. Kitchen Notes Now you can enjoy ice cream again without all of the unhealthy white sugar and chemicals. The creamy wildflower honey is not only one of the best selling honeys, but blends perfectly in this recipe to sweeten […]

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Raw Cacao-Coconut Cookie Bites

Thumbnail image for Raw Cacao-Coconut Cookie Bites by Tim

Kitchen Notes Deliciously decadent raw-cookie dough that’s actually good for you – could it be true? Oh yes, it is! These delectable, nutritious, truffle-like cookies are made with wholesome, raw, real food ingredients and are perfect for parties, or just for fun. This delightful recipe is a spin-off of The Nourishing Home’s original Raw Cookie […]

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Honey Cake

Thumbnail image for Honey Cake by Julie

Kitchen Notes I’m going to guess that you scanned the (very) long list of ingredients below and thought something along the lines of, “Sounds good…but probably not going to happen.” I know, because that’s exactly what I did. I’m a 5-6 ingredients per recipe kind of girl, so when you give me one with a […]

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Raw Honey and Chocolate Pudding

Thumbnail image for Raw Honey and Chocolate Pudding by Tim

Kitchen Notes I’m a big fan of chocolate and as a kid I would crave 3 Musketeers bars. It was my go-to candy bar and my weak spot when trading candy on Halloween. When I came across this Raw Honey Chocolate Pudding recipe the ingredients intrigued me and I knew I’d have to try it. […]

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