8 Creative Uses for Honey Jars


We honey lovers have a problem, and that problem comes in the form of dozens of empty honey jars. I’ve grown to find these jars extremely useful and this week I’d like to share some of those uses with you. I’ve been collecting ideas over the last few months and while I’m sure this list isn’t exhaustive, it is a great, fun start. Tried any of these before? Or, how do you use your empty honey jars?

  1. Drinking CupHoney Jar drinking cup
    We’ve posted a few recipes now for honey drinks– why not mix up one of those drinks in a honey jar? If you love honey, then collecting a full set of honey jar glassware shouldn’t take much time at all.
  2. Drinking LidCuppow drinking lid
    These lids turn a canning jar into low-spill travel cup, and as an added bonus, it’s designed and made in the USA! Now this doesn’t quite work on one of our jars because we aren’t using a canning lid, but finding a canning lid should be pretty easy. $8.00 online at http://cuppow.com.
  3. Kitchen StorageHoney Jar Storage
    Our jars may be used for honey, but once you finish the honey they can store any food item you’d like. Some ideas for items to store are flour, sugar, nuts, coco powder, herbs, spices or oatmeal. Another idea is pictured to the right: combine all the dry ingredients of a recipe into a jar as a gift for a friend.
  4. Wall plantersHoney Jar Planter
    This is a great idea for jars but you might have some issues with drainage, so pick plants that are suitable for a moist environment or drill a hole into the jar with a glass bit. Either way, this will look great inside your home or garden. Click for a guide to making the planter.
  5. Flower VaseHoney Jar Flower Vase
    Not interested in growing plants in your jars? Just use your empty jars for fresh cut flowers instead. These honey-vases look great as centerpieces and we’ll leave it up to you whether you keep or remove our label.
  6. OrganizationHoney Jar orgainization
    Have you seen our honey sample pack? These five jars can be used to help organize hardware like screws, nuts and bolts in the garage. Or in a bathroom drawer to hold cotton balls, Q-tips, and brushes.
  7. Store leftoversHoney Jar with leftovers
    Who says you need to take your leftovers to work in plastic? As long as you’re careful, glass will last much longer than plastic, is easier to clean, and doesn’t retain smells from dozens of past lunches. Just remember: freezing liquids in the jars will make the glass break.
  8. Soap DispenserHoney Jar as a soap dispenser
    Now this one is for the handy honey lovers, because it requires drilling into the lid. Make sure to secure and clamp down anything you drill into, especially metal. Here are step by step directions on making your own jar soap dispenser.

Hopefully the list above has given you a good idea for a fun project this weekend. We realize one can only use so many jars, so please recycle any of your extras. Good luck and post a picture of how you use your honey jars on our Facebook page. We’d love to see it.

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